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Daily Routine Makeover

Guide To Focused Action, Productivity Hacks, Stress-Free Performance - Get Things Done In Less Time

Do you ever procrastinate? Do you somehow convince yourself that your tasks can always wait… when they can’t? Do all the tasks you put off for a long time overwhelm you? The time to start changing is right now. Otherwise, you are in the danger that you never will. Learn to focus on your most important tasks and get them done before deadline.

Find What You Were Born For

Discover Your Strengths, Forge Your Own Path, and Live The Life You Want - Maximize Your Self-Confidence

Do you feel that no matter how hard you work, you’re treading water at best? Directionless, unmotivated, and stuck in a rut?
What if you knew exactly how to capitalize on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses? It’s time to break out of your rut and discover what it takes to Find What You Were Born For.

Build Social Confidence

Maximize Your Social Likability, Handle Tough Conversations Easily, Get Along with Everybody - Proven Hacks to Boost Your Charisma

Would you like to captivate people’s attention instantly? Do you long for being liked, trusted and respected? Do you want to rule any challenging conversation and deal with difficult social situation?
How about having a captivating charisma that makes people want to befriend you?
Build Social Confidence isn’t a collection of “fake it till you make it” advice or a bunch of “just do it” good for nothing mojo. It is about building up your true, everlasting charismatic personality, and introducing it into your everyday life. Social confidence is the ultimate bridge that connects you with the rest of the people.

Discipline Your Mind

Control Your Thoughts, Boost Willpower, Develop Mental Toughness

Do you fail to follow your plans despite your best intentions? Are your mental toughness and willpower keeping you from the life you want?
If your life is starting to resemble a never-ending hamster wheel from a lack of intentional action – you simply need to Discipline Your Mind.
Dreaming day and night doesn’t create the life you want – disciplined action does.

Find What You Were Born For

Design Goals That Bring Purpose To Your Life - How To Shape Your Future, Craft Goals To Your Calling And Create Lasting Change (Book 2)

When you think “goals,” are you unmotivated and burnt out? Feel trapped in never-ending routines and motions that don’t seem to get you anywhere?
The best goals will create satisfaction and drive in your life – they are the key to everything that is worth anything: a healthy relationship, an emerging business, or even just becoming a great tennis player.
Find What You Were Born For – Book 2 will teach you how to set goals effectively so they are self-motivating and are guaranteed to become reality.

Catching Courage

How To Stop Hesitating, Take Control Over Your Anxieties, And Believe In Yourself - Use Obstacles To Your Benefit

Do you stay silent because you fear rejection and judgment?
Are feelings of inadequacy and self-sabotage preventing you from living the life you want?
Catching Courage gives you more than fearlessness – it gives you unshakable confidence in your own powers and chases away the feeling that you’re not able to start or finish things. Say goodbye to the days when you let possibilities slip through your fingers.

Morning Routine Makeover

Morning Tactics And Strategies To Get More Energized, Productive And Healthy All Day

Do you often feel unmotivated? Wake up with a feeling of anxiety that you should do many things but you lack of direction where to begin so you end up doing nothing?
Do you feel that you do self-sabotage after you wake up by doing nothing productive and waste your day?
If you respect only three tips of this book, I guarantee that your first wake up hours can become the best and most motivating part of your day!

Find Who You Were Born To Be

Improve Your Temperament, Discover Your True Personality Build An Attractive Character, Enhance Your Likeability

Do you feel like you’re just not good enough, or not accepted for who you truly are? Would you like to be more likable simply by just being yourself?

Less Mess Less Stress

Minimalist Routines to Declutter Your Environment, Unload Your Mind and Optimize Your Day - Gain Control Over Your Life

Does life seem overly complex and constantly overwhelming? Do you feel anxious from your obligations, duties, and cluttered surroundings? Would you like to have a more free life?
Don’t compromise with your happiness. “Good enough” is not the life you deserve - you deserve the best, and the good news is that you can have it. Learn the surprising truth that it’s not by doing more, but less with Less Mess Less Stress.

Daily Routine Makeover: Evening Edition

Evening Tactics to Preserve Your Health, Sleep Restfully and Power Up for Tomorrow

Do you struggle to keep your daily life on track? Feel powerless, impatient and annoyed during your day, and when evening comes you just want to do nothing? If you feel like you never get enough sleep and have no energy for the next day...
This is the latest installment in the best-selling Daily Routine Makeover series: Evening Edition – where you’ll learn evening habits to save you energy, organize your upcoming day better, develop good health and sleeping routines, and become less stressed.

Braver Than You Believe

Guide To Understand Your Fears, Overcome Your Anxieties And Control Your Shortcomings

Do insecurities and lack of self-confidence knock you down and make you feel you can't bounce back?? Do you often feel uneasy and nervous, perceiving yourself inferior to others?
If you think you can’t turn these feelings around, you’re wrong. These emotional insecurities can be changed and improved, only by understanding the nature of the emotions and learning the solution to handle them. Everything that you fear now and believe impossible is achievable if you learn how to put your strengths to action.

Minimalist Makeover

Four Complex Step-by-Step Strategies To Simplify Your Life Just As Much As You Want - Learn to Balance Minimalism and Consumerism

Is your life filled with valueless objects that don’t make you happy? Do you feel anxious when you buy things but you can’t control the urge? Would you like to let go of unimportant stuff with a peace of mind?
Your happiness costs less than you think. You deserve a stress-free life - where the things you own serve you and help you live a well-balanced life. Learn how to be better off with less in Minimalist Makeover.

The Unlimited Mind

Master Critical Thinking, Make Smarter Decisions, Control Your Impulses

Terrified of making bad decisions and missing great opportunities? Do you question your judgment and doubt your intuition?
Your brain is like any other muscle: it needs training to improve. Nobody is born with flawless critical thinking and judgment skills. These skills usually require systematic practice, but you can shortcut the learning curve by learning and mastering the methods of the best thinkers, psychologists, and high achievers.

Wired For Confidence

Learn To Handle Judgment, Act Against Your Fears And Toughen Up To Own Your Life

Is a fear of failure and judgment paralyzing you? Do you often feel saying or doing something inappropriate, insensitive, stupid, or ridiculous?
Do you feel like you just aren’t good enough? End this vicious though cycle NOW.
Wired For Confidence tells you the necessary steps to break out from the pits of low self-esteem, lowered expectations, and lack of assertiveness.

Think Different

Why Conventional Wisdom About Happiness, Confidence And Fulfillment Is Wrong And The Counterintuitive Methods That Work

Do you feel that your life lacks meaning and purpose? Have you lost the idea of who you truly are? Do you avoid the real problems in your life?
Fears and insecurities are completely normal, but how can we deal with them in a proactive and healthy manner? Think Different will answer this question.
We've been told that positive thinking, repeating affirmations and “faking it till you make it” were the key to a happy, fearless, confident living.

Fear, Fail And Forge Ahead

Learn To Act Against Your Fears, Become Daring, And Stand Firm When Life Gets Hard

Are you deeply terrified of failure, rejection, and judgment? Does fear paralyze you and keep you from the life you want?
If you feel that YOU are the biggest obstacle to your success, you need this book – NOW.
Fear, Fail, And Forge Ahead helps you find the way out of low self-esteem, overprotection of self, and irrational fear of failure – a complete avoidance of life.
Fear, Fail, And Forge Ahead examines the relationship between fear and success like no other book before. You’ll see the surprising ways that fear manifests in your life – you won’t be able to get through a chapter without nodding along and thinking "Wow, that’s so me!"

Sleep Smarter

Evening Habits And Sleeping Tips To Get More Energized, Productive and Healthy The Next Day

Do you struggle to keep your daily activities on track? You often feel powerless, impatient and annoyed during your day? If you feel like you never get enough sleep and have no energy the next day...
Sleep Smarter comes with evening habits that help you save energy, organize your upcoming day better, develop good health and sleeping routines, and become less stressed on a daily basis.

Budget Like A Pro

Manage Your Money, Pay Off Your Debts, And Walk The Road Of Financial Independence - Personal Finance Made Easy

Are you desperate to make ends meet each month, constantly wondering if you can pay the bills?
If debts are poisoning your life and you want to make your dollar go 10X further, it’s time to BUDGET. Unemployment has been high, debts are reaching record levels, and rent prices seem to be skyrocketing everywhere. Budgeting won’t save the world but it will solve these problems for you.


Establish Goals, Evolve Your Habits, And Improve Your Relationships, Health, Finances, And Free Time - Adopt A Habit, Reach A Goal

Are you big on planning but fail to take action? Do you think you’re incapable to improve because you lack self-discipline and willpower?
If you feel that you always run out of stamina before reaching a goal, the problem is in your goals.
What’s wrong with your goals?