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I used to have this habit of asking people I just met, “If you had to introduce yourself with three words, what would they be?”
I’m going to put myself on the spot now as if you just asked me that question.
“Loving, creative, curious.”
What would your three words be? (Send them to me. I’d love to know! I’m so … curious.)

I’m a work in progress. When I sat down to write this introduction, I wondered how I could “promote” my skills, establish authority, and whatever witchcraft one expects from a marketing blurb. I decided to not do that. I passionately dislike exaggerated accomplishments and titles that are no longer mine. I’m not really a sales person; I’m a writer. And I never hired a sales guru, so … here’s what I’ve got to say.
I like kindness. Honesty. A genuine acceptance of who we are. A healthy dose of pride in our accomplishments.

My working career started at the age of 16. I used to wash dishes. I was a shop assistant, a car factory worker, a simultaneous translator, an international relations manager, and a manager/communication coach at a small Japanese organization; all this while finishing my high school and university studies. Oh, that character-building decade …
Do you ever ponder about a stage of your life and wonder how the heck you pulled it off? And then, after you conclude that there’s no way you could put up with the same stuff today, you also realize that some of those hardships were your best teachers. They shaped you … No, better: they carved, burnt, bit, sliced, chewed, and kneaded you into the beautiful person you are today. We learn about life thanks to the messy bits.
Now, this doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to learn. In fact, just when you think there’s nothing you could improve in is when you stop growing and start withering. I encourage you to approach yourself with kindness, honesty, a genuine acceptance of who you are, a healthy dose of pride in what you’ve accomplished, AND clarity about how/where/what/why you wish to grow. We’re all a work in progress.

In the past five years I’ve been a writer.
My mission with writing is to help you find that sweet balance between loving who you are and being an avid self-explorer and self-innovator. I know firsthand what it feels like to be helpless, to lack control over your life, to feel insignificant, unworthy, and small; to doubt your personal spark, your power, and your potential to make a change in your life. If you’ve ever felt anything like this, my goal is to prove you wrong for your own sake—to shed light on how capable and suitable you actually are, so you can create and own the life you desire.
In my books I’ll show you that there is a very good reason why you lead your life the way you do. There is always an explanation for your behavior, something that maybe never even crossed your mind. Your behavior is learned. Thus, it can be unlearned. And you can learn to see yourself, act, and live a new way!
I wish for you to become more confident, more resilient, more productive, and more comfortable in social settings. I want to help you deepen your self-awareness and increase your self-worth. You’re at the right place to empower your life! Let’s work and make progress together!

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