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Communication Coach

By working with me you can expect to gain a better understanding of yourself, and the hope you need to change your life for the better. I will help you understand everybody around you better starting with yourself. My three main goals are to help you: (1) embrace discomfort to break down your negative beliefs, (2) find your strengths and focus on them, (3) bring out the side of you that is totally comfortable with yourself and your environment.

I have a unique approach to coaching. The entire lesson is composed of two parts:

Interpersonal Skills Development

Do your palms sweat and your heart pound when you enter in a room full of strangers? Do you feel awkward when somebody starts a conversation with you? Do you fear you’ll run out of things to say and wish you could just talk casually with everybody?

Then this course was made for you!

In this section, I’ll help you learn how to communicate with others, how to be presentable, and how to always make a great impression. Humans are social beings and since you live among them you can never underestimate the importance of social skills. If you have them you can be 100-percent present and aware in any situation. I have been studying and developing communication and real-life social interaction skills for more than 10 years. I’ve written 5 books – all of them Amazon best-sellers – on the topic. I can help you, please let me!

Here you will learn:

  • How to start conversations and keep them going with anybody,
  • How to “win friends and influence people,”
  • Airy, pleasant ways to be more charming and likable,
  • How to be the life of the party, and
  • Tips on how to handle difficult conversations and people.

I’ll teach you how to be the person everyone notices when you enter the room, the person who instantly sparks people’s interest and can talk easily to anyone.

  • “I moved to Japan a few months before I signed up for Zoe’s coaching and I was incredibly shy, self-conscious, and alone. I felt lost. Working with her was one of the best decisions of my life. She is very perceptive, and she picks up on things so fast that by the time our first session ended I already felt much more comfortable in my skin. When I finished all the sessions, I saw my life from a different perspective.”Eva, Japan

  • “I never felt I would be good enough whenever I thought to start something new in my life. Thus I hardly ever tried something new. But when I had to start to work I decided to invest in myself and start this phase of my life with a clear sheet. That’s when I started working with Zoe and it was an amazingly helpful choice for me. She answered all my questions only by asking. In fact, I answered them all, she just opened boxes I never dared. Two weeks after finishing the coaching with her I got promoted thanks to my ‘unshakable confidence and quick decision making skills.’ I’m so grateful!”Esther, Hungary

  • “I’m a professional table tennis player in Spain. As years passed, I became more and more confident about my game, and less confident about my social life. Thanks to Zoe’s unique social and observation skills I could improve much quicker. She believed in me and saw through my I-don’t-care attitude I developed over the years to cover my fear to open up.”Melinda, Spain

Intrapersonal Skills Development

Is the mirror your worst enemy? Or the scale? Or both? Do you feel uncomfortable with who you are? Do you sometimes feel your days are passing by without any purpose? Is sleeping your favorite activity? Do you wish you were somewhere else, maybe someone else?

If any of these statements apply to you then you have work to do. Living with self-contempt, regrets, and frustration is not sustainable. In this part of the coaching I will help you to accept and recover from any inner struggles you have. With honesty and commitment, I will guide you to let go of old wounds, and help you find your strengths and develop them in order to bring out the best in yourself.

I’ll help you:

  • to discover the root cause of your problems,
  • recover from childhood traumas,
  • communicate with yourself objectively and silence the malicious voices in your head,
  • build confidence and self-respect, and
  • learn to be persistent and get what you want.
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